Singer Sewing Machine 14HD854

Sell Singer Sewing Machine 14HD854

Specification of Singer Sewing Machine 14HD854

Singer sewing machine is a kind of sewing machine with modern technology that can make the stitches on the clothes become more tidy. With the best quality sewing machine, the result will be more perfect. One of them is the Sewing Machine Singer type 14HD854 is a heavy duty portable obras machine in which the obras machine is capable to work heavy work that is able to hem mechanically various heavy fabrics such as jeans and also layered fabric.

Specification Sewing Machine Singer type 14HD854:

- Brand: SINGER

- Type: 14HD854 Heavy Duty

- Made in: Taiwan

- Engine Class: Portable Obras Sewing Machine that does not use table

- Can be configured for 2/3/4 obras of yarn

- Can neci

- Sewing speed 1,300 stitches / minute

- Shoe pressure settings

- Cutting knife 60% larger

- There is a cloth dump

- LED light

- Heavy duty motors for thick fabrics

Excellence Sewing Machine Singer type 14HD854:

- Sewing machine is very tough

- Easy way to operate

- Is a type of portable sewing machine so easy to carry anywhere

- Suitable for beginners who are just learning to sew and who are proficient

 - Your machine becomes sturdy and durable because the engine framework is made of iron -

- Smooth Machine Sound.