Sewing Machine Singer 1412
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29 Oct 2019
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Sewer Singer Promise 1412

Sewing machine is a tool can make the stitches on the clothes become more tidy. One of Singer's sewing machine products is Sewer Singer Promise 1412 which is a portable machine.
This sewing machine is suitable for beginners or advanced because it comes with features that are quite complete. Can to sew a variety of materials with more stable stitching results. It has a seam density regulator that functions to adjust the stitch distance between one point to another.
Sewer Singer Promise 1412 can be used for various types of stitching techniques, among others: border applications, manual borders, buttons, japanese zippers and regular zippers, buttonhole, quilting, semi neci, semi obras, som and other techniques .

Selling Sewing Machine Singer Promise 1412

We sell Sewing Machine Singer Promise 1412 with the following specifications:
- Brand: SINGER
- Type: 14HD854 Heavy Duty
- Power: 85 watts
- has 12 variations of stitch patterns that make it easier and make your stitches better and creative
- 4 piercing buttons
- can to put buttons, semi obras, embroidery etc.
- automatic thread player
- button stitch pattern control
- long stitching button
- yarn pressure thrust button
- back button seam
- tilted festoon sutures
- stitching smok
- Soom zigzag stitching.
- straight soom suture
- and others

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