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UD. Sumber Djaja Indah (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Our Stores have been established since 1980, since the starting foundation, Sumber Djaja Indah always try and be a place to meet and become a solution for Surabaya citizens in the areas of procurement and procurement tool Garment Production Rate sewing machine parts and various other garments purposes.

With more than 20 years, we have reached various regions in East Java and some areas outside Java, all these make we increasingly seek to better provide services to the Consumer We, wherever Consumers we are and whatever various needs Consumers We, as well as provide various solutions are appropriate in the field of garment, for the Garment Industry Small Sector and medium-sized industry and household.

We hope with this site, we can make a relationship more close to the customer and give a description to the Consumer as well as the Products offered at Our Store.

Warm Regards and Sincerely
Sumber Djaja Indah


Jalan Bubutan No 9F-9G Surabaya Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia



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